We’re innovators and we’re changing the way you think about sinksSince 1974, we’ve been reinventing, redefining and radicalizing the industry through our technical knowhow and knowledge of the ceramic manufacturing industry.

Although technology and tastes have evolved over the years, our most valuable assets will and will always remain in the quality of the people that work with us in our team and their ongoing quest to improve in everything they do.

Our materials are of the highest quality available to the industry sourced through the best suppliers so we maintain the perfect balance of fully processed materials to work with guaranteeing the perfect piece every time.

The founders of our business Peter Shilling & Tony Wood have brought together the specializations of manufacturing, marketing and their hunger to be the world leaders of the industry have been the defining factors in what they have now developed into a world leading, world beating product by any standards.

All our products are hand finished by craftsmen that care about what they do and how they do it ensuring that our clients get the very best products to adorn their kitchens and giving it a centerpiece to be proud of.

The Fireclay Factory (Simply, The Best)